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There is very little privacy on the Internet, and the main culprits are the big sites such as Google, who know more about you than your own mother, and Facebook, which is more than happy to allow you to share your most intimate thoughts and secrets with the entire population of this globe. We are not like them.

There are devices called cookies which automatically download themselves to your website and gather information about you; we do not use them, and I doubt very much indeed if we will ever have the skills to implement them anyhow. We do keep log files which record every visit to our websites, but the only information we have about you is the page that you visited, and your IP address. If you have a fixed IP address it would probably be quite possible to find out exactly who you are, but it would be a lot of trouble and we have better things to do. There is no point in me rambling on about how we will keep your data secure and never give it to anyone else etc because we will have no real data to give them since our log files are automatically deleted anyhow.

If you contact us by email you should be aware that any transmission of this type is completely insecure and could be intercepted by anyone with the right equipment, but we really do not see why on earth anyone would want to do this, and 99% of people who contact us are only trying to sell us website optimisation anyhow. If you are amongst the 1% of people who wish to send us a genuine message, please ensure that there is nothing personal about it. Rest assured we will not use your e-mail address to send you unbelievable offers, or bombard you with begging letters; neither will we sell it to Chinese spammers who will stick it on a DVD along with millions of others and make the rest of your life a misery.

Our site does contain links to other websites, and you must bear in mind that the people who run these may not be as ethical as we are so you must not assume that their privacy policies are as good as ours, particularly if those websites are Google or Facebook.


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